Temat: Fans of WoW Classic Mut 20 coins

Fans of WoW Classic Mut 20 coins need to look at the success of Old School Runescape and think about how WoW Classic carrying the exact same approach will likely benefit in the same way. OSRS would have been dead by now if they had not added new articles to the world. It may be fresh material, but all of it's in accordance with the philosophy of the older game, so it is accepted. I believe that would even give us nostalgia, as I believe most of us played WoW as a sandbox when we were kids anyway.

What I genuinely hope Blizzard does is have a progressive"heritage" server. I love the idea of WoW Classic, but give it a couple of years, and I believe it might become stale. The thing I truly want to see introduced would be that the reintroduction of expansions, I know for true that lots of people would love a Burning Crusade and Wrath of the Lich King private host, and it would be pretty fucking cool in order to witness the previous expansions come out in their former glory.

You got it sort of wrong with"tweaking numbers" to alter class equilibrium. You dont deliver a ret pally because they dont have any dps ability. Buffing their"numbers" without altering their class design won't work for example since ret paladins really scale exceptionally well with equipment. However, their problem is they are simpely automobile attacking and receiving oom. Yes I know that it might be possible to alter it so they are not as poor and can compete . But at what prices. Todo this so many tiny changes would need to be made the authentic vanilla exerience would be missing. Also you're somewhat in proper when you claim that there'll not be a ret pallys / oomkins / non healer shamans and so on.

Trust me that they are there and they'll be a plague buy Madden 20 coins to top end guilds and that's why these courses won't be there. However they will over populate more casual guilds and pugs. And one last thing. Its bad for top raiding guilds not to bring the less desireable classes. Thats how aggressive guilds works in retail. You dont attract many or some of those specs which does worse. And certain class equilibrium in retail is much better. But lets be real what's the fucking diference between a warrior dps and a rogue in retail.... I dont need one change to course balance whatsoever especially not"only the numbers" because that would change everything.

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