Temat: Affiliate Marketing Case Study - Make $100 to $150K per Month

The online marketing business is predicted to be $ 50- $ 70 billion by 2020, out of which 15% -30% (more than $ 12 billion) is due to affiliate marketing. '

What's the last thing you bought online? When was your previous digital payment made? The answer will be either today or yesterday. We are no Ginnie's, but that's how our life is shaped in this modern era. It is known as the era of digitization. From toothbrush to house, everything can be bought online. Even services like finding a maid or hiring a 'Chotu' is now possible.

The Indian Online Market concerns of; Advertiser, Publisher, and Consumer. Publishers are the kingpin as they don't just help in the further advertisement of the products but also help in re-directing the potential Consumers / Buyers on Advertiser's page. Affiliate Marketing is a 'broker' or 'middlemen' service on online platforms.

We use a handful of apps or bookmarks only favorite pages on our devices, rest all the brands are searched online. With zillions of options and brands to choose from, it becomes a successful task to settle on one. Understanding the dire straits, and to make our lives less chaotic, Affiliate Marketing Case Study by Art Of War SEO visit this link.